Angeling Cruz-Yen

Artist Statement

Since I was a child I have always been fascinated with travel and of places. My fascination only grew as I got older and began to create my own worlds to explore. To me space and landscape are very important because they are the base in which I begin forming worlds in which my characters live. Through these explorations I began thinking about what people consider a ‘place’ and how each individual creates a world of his or her very own that represents them. This is how I started working on Mindscapes.

A mindscape is a place that a person creates through a combination of experiences and ideas. Mindscapes can be a place that exists, a place that used to exist, or a place that has never existed at all. It is a space that belongs only to the individual, that grow and changes along with them, where thoughts, dreams, and memories reside. Each person’s mindscape is uniquely tailored through his or her own lives and no two mindscapes look the same.      Most people are unaware that they have one because it is so fully integrated into their subconscious.

My work is largely influenced by psychology and the process of thought and coping, fairy tale, fantasy concept art, and interactive experiences. Through the use of watercolor, digital media and installation I try to bring to reality fleeting landscapes that have since only existed in my mind. My hope for the future is to create a wholly interactive experience in which the viewer themselves can create, experience, and share their own mindscapes with others.