Doyun Park

Artist Statement

While the first couple of years at Interlochen Arts Academy which is the high school that I am in currently, were focused on gaining a strong foundation in a variety of artistic works, I have been most recently focused in the area of printmaking and multiple 3D mediums. And while working as an artist, I have tried to think about what I can make with my heart and my experiences. Around the end of my sophomore year, I began using the relationship between my grandmother and I as inspiration. And throughout my junior year I explored this idea through a wider lense, which went beyond our relationship and focused on the pain associated with losing someone close to me. However, my art is not just about death, but also about farewell. Therefore, my body of work deals with ‘loss and moving on’, which explores what happens when you lose someone and by what process you will move on in life.

My personal motivation was an experience that occurred about 4 years ago, when I lost my grandmother who was so indispensable for my life. She was my greatest inspiration; she guided me through the toughest of times. When she died, I thought my life was over. I did not feel any reason to live without her. I was so afraid of living in a world without her. However, I figured out that there were so many valuable things that she had left for me. My life is an extension of her life. It is up to me to do things that she couldn’t do. And that is the very reason I pursue art. My art is to see the new world, to commemorate her and inspire people to move forward after having lost a loved one.

When you lose someone who has been a significant part of your life, you often panic. This is many times accompanied by fear, because you are unable to imagine what life will be like with the absence of this individual. Many people give up their life because of this fear, and I want to express that feeling in my art work. The idea that we must live honestly and be true to the legacy of our ancestors. The goal of my art is to help people who have lost someone important to see that they can overcome these feelings and continue a fulfilled life.

When I lost my grandmother, I felt alone and had no idea how to navigate the grieving process. It was a long and difficult time for me, until I realized that I could discuss this process through my art and in an attempt to communicate my feelings to others so they might find comfort when dealing with a similar situation. We live in a world that is often filled with trials and tribulations. If I can help people to view even the most tragic of situations in a more positive way, I believe I will have succeeded as an artist.