Isabel Schuler

Artist Statement

The process of adaptation is something that I hold very dear to me. Over the past seventeen years I have lived in seven homes and attended six schools. I do not state this begrudgingly; adaptation is human nature and to learn it early in life is a valuable thing. Through the constant change I have discovered how to be comfortable in new environments. While I do feel contented in new places I am aware that my being there is not permanent which leads to a certain disconnect between myself and my environment. That disconnect is apparent in my works because I am making pieces that I see a deep meaning in but to a viewer may be perceived as very simple or cold.

I find a successful piece lives up to, or surpasses the vision in my head. When making works I select clean, sumptuous, and ethereal materials. Such materials are appealing to me because of their aesthetic. I have always been drawn to luxury objects because I find them to be both hard to attain and worldly. Visual cohesion is my way of creating an environment or alternate state where adaptation is unnecessary.

My work focuses on the temporary nature of material possessions, the way one adapts to their surroundings, and the process of seeking comfort in foreign places. Few things are truly permanent and that the ability to be comfortable in an environment is crucial to one’s survival. I am glad for my experiences because they have contributed to my development as an artist and individual.