Ivy Kokoszka

Artist Statement

I make comics and illustrations that create memorable characters and enjoyable plots. Creating all the components of a strong comic is challenging, especially when all made by one artist.  I aspire to build narratives and illustrations and hope to pursue a career in the comic arts.

My story is built around the main character, a meter reader. He has aname but it is never mentioned because no one ever asks him. Due to his very polite nature, he ends up getting involved in town people’s lives and problems for better or worse. Situations gets more complicated for him as side characters lives are intertwined in odd ways.

There are two main supporting characters in the story. There is a girl who dresses as a wizard. She has no magical abilities, she plays pretend. Paper balls are fire and flashlights control lightning itself in her mind. She decides to follow the meter reader on his routes without much permission. The second supporting character is a weird guy named Hueman McNormal. His name is a strong hint that he is not human at all, but it is more fun to never admit it. He functions as an odd looking and acting person. He has no leg up on the other characters or special attributes that are unnatural. He claims he is a scientist doing research on just about everything. Hueman says he is from out of town and like the wizard girl tags along with the meter reader.

Last but certainly not least is Chud, a obese stray cat who refuses to be removed from her box. She cannot speak english but the meter reader can magically understand her meowing as do most  of the other characters. The meter reader took her in and feeds her whole pizzas, treating her like a princess.