Jenna Trosien

Artist Statement

My work is about responding to an observation (situations), by illustrating it on a 2D surface. The observations are depicting and analyzing my internal and social conflicts. I am attempting to evoke social issues that I am exposed to in everyday life. I strive to unravel the superficial sides of the general public. I use my voice as a mechanism to make connections with other’s daily lives. My work explores the hidden and subtle sides of personality.

I believe that people subconsciously make immoral decisions every day. I want to highlight those faults, by using my experiences as representational and exaggerated imagery.Topics that are present in my work include cultural identity, gender equality, personal obstacles, social pressures, and daily social hypocrisies. Shedding light on these topics allows for us to truly define our opinions.

I want the viewer to fully experience my works. Painting allows me to work on a scale of such size that the viewer’s attention cannot be diverted. The size of the painting brings a sense of believable space the viewer, which hopefully allow them to be a part of the painting. I want them to have an idea that they can step into the painting. I believe this reality and interaction allows for my work be better heard.