Jingting Kong

Artist Statement

Everything I have seen and experienced influences and shapes my body of work. I am talking about the people’s different personality for my thesis. In life we often see someone have several different identity, their contacts with different people, in different occasions can have completely different performance. A kind of the most common phenomenon: people in the network world to another kind of personality, to talk about problem, vent emotions, show their dark side to a stranger. This is people's different personality. I hope when people see my works they can think about sometimes in you life is real your feeling or personality?

I always think about are there another "me" in the world, and have a totally different personality with me. We never know each other, don't know what we look like, what environment we live in, but we can feel each other, and understand each other. The other "me" not have constraint, can follow their heart.

This "me" can compare to a hidden friend. There is one kind of friends not in your real life, but in your heart; there is a accompanying not at your's side, but at your soul‘s side. This is another personality for everyone.