Jioh Kang

Artist Statement

I am a camera and I call the photographs I create documentations. These “documentations” make up my body of work; I am the lense that captures moments I wish to keep. My art is based on the journey I take with the ‘camera’ and is an attempt to keep the memory as vivid as possible. For instance, if I woke up one day and the morning was gracious, I would paint it to preserve the feeling that it inspired.

I often use people as my subjects because I am intrigued with the chemistry I share with my models when I draw them. I like to have my models in the most comfortable state of body and mind. Humans are animate and being a model should not stop them from being this way. As much as I enjoy preserving the moment and the flowing action of human behaviours, I allow my strokes and colors to be free across the canvas.

The fascination of painting people using my color scheme is an answer to my condition of Projecting Synesthesia. It’s not any major medical issue to be worried about but it’s been part of me for most of my life. After spending so many years learning about colors and shapes, it naturally became part of my vision. People with Projecting Synthesia are able to see the actual colors and shapes when stimulated, which explains a lot in my paintings and goes back to my personal relationships. Observing people allows me to see their colors and as they share more information about themselves with me, the colors and forms get more and more vivid. This condition is beneficial, yet it’s very distracting. Using this condition as a benefit to my process has allowed me to present a successful body of work.