Justina Sadecki

Artist Statement

We are bombarded by influences implying that perfection is the key to being content. It isn’t difficult to succumb to this message; millions of girls do everyday. Being consistently confronted by glittering, airbrushed ideals, in the form of advertising or romantic story lines, has ultimately caused me to feel empty and dissatisfied with my own life. For years, perfection was my greatest aspiration and the way I expressed and sought to fill this all-encompassing desire was by attempting to acquire a flawless exterior. The way I felt depended on how “perfect” my exterior appeared, which inevitably resulted in a self esteem that rose and crashed like tidal waves.

In my art, I scrutinize and break apart some of the recurring situations, places, or emotions I found myself in over the last few years. Many may seem insignificant, but in fact defined my daily life. In doing this, I am analyzing my perception of reality at each of these moments in comparison to actual reality. Recognizing the gap between these two very different places is what allows me to grow from my experiences. As a result of capturing personal moments, I hope to connect with other women and young girls who face or have faced similar issues. Through the process of creating this body of work, I have become more accepting of m yself and open to new experiences that I previously feared.