Keara Dooley

Artist Statement

I create to study Keara.

I am Keara, but there is a separation between her and I - the separation between the present moment and the immediate past which follows. 

Within each moment I carry my definition of self, which contains everything I’ve ever experienced; this is my unique vantage point, which I may or may not act within. With every second I have the option to do something not in the character of Keara. In that moment, I have the choice to be anything I wish to be. Yet, immediately after, this action becomes Keara simply because I have decided it so; Keara is a series of decisions made based upon an individual experience - a series of accidents. In this constant and seemingly liminal space of the present moment I see incredible potential - I may become anything I decide to be at any time.

I glorify the tides, glacial movements, and evolutions in my life as beautifully complex, valid building blocks. These unique blocks - decisions and accidents - fit together to create everything I am. Through loving and understanding these shifts in my self and where they come from, I become more aware of the separation between Keara and I. I can choose to let her determine my experience.

With love and awareness for and of the person who follows me in the present moment, I can determine the course of my life.