Kwan Chow

Artist Statement

My works explores human interaction and its social, yet divided nature.  I sense that society encourages us to conform to its standards and conventions.  In some ways, everyone emulates a part of each other. We all share our quirks and mannerisms.

I see people and myself gain and lose unique qualities when we become more involved with this world and when we are pulled in different directions in life.  I have become curious about how we define ourselves as individuals in relationship to our surroundings. I have found expressive stories from people around me and I retell these stories with my bush strokes.

Through my paintings, I reveal diversity among characters, thoughts, perspectives, and other factors that foster estrangement in spite of communal bonding. By roughly breaking down the images to geometric forms of color. I isolate each section to express its uniqueness. I came to understand that these shapes would lose their meanings if they were not designed to be alongside each other.

Each of my paintings were created for one viewer at a time. I intended for my viewers to observe the interactions of people and relate these observations to their own lives.  I want you, the viewer, to step back and think about the situations from your own perspective.