Madison Bucher

Artist Statement

My work focuses on sentimentality and how my personal sentimental feelings affects organization of objects, decision making, and ties to people or places. This was inspired by reading Socrates “The unexamined life is not worth living”. While examining my own life and habits, I realized that I do not like being sentimental. It was weighing me down. I felt like sentimentality was holding me back from moving forward through my attachment to these objects. I felt attached to these small items through the memory of when they were found, bought, or given to me, even though the objects have no purpose outside of being the connection to a memory. I realized for me, keeping these items is a negative experience, and upon examination, I decided to not repeat that in the future.

In many of my pieces, the colors are very neutral and organic. This is because it creates a natural and genuine look that is comforting to me, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Most times I work in multiples because that is my preferred method of organization. Multiples also help me build the narrative of the initial event, the realization of its significance, and then how I want it to affect my future.

As studied by Socrates in “The unexamined life is not worth living” and myself, a person must know the mistakes and events from their past that they do not like, so that they do not make the same mistakes or let the same events happen. Without looking back on past experiences, a person has no root or foundation.  My work explores my process of examining life, understanding  my own sentimentality and using this to move forward in a positive way.