Andrew Little

Artist Statement

Photography is seen my some as being one of the most truthful forms of visual arts. This, however, can be very wrong in most cases. People believe this because the artist is shooting exactly what they see in front of them; but some of the time, what they are taking a picture of isn’t always the truth. This idea is the driving force behind my body of work.

For a while, I was putting a subject in a fabricated environment by using projections as a background. This was used to make it seem like the subject was part of an environment that they weren’t directly associated with. I believe this puts the subject in a position where they are much more centralized. Not only are the backgrounds portraying somewhat of an “epic” scene, but they are also isolating the figures.

The process of photography is also an important part of the series. I manipulate the look of my images to give off a more artificial and processed feel. I do this to separate the subject from the background but at the same time obscure them enough so they fit in. Because the images aren’t truthful to begin with, the alteration of their light and composition pushes them to become something even less truthful than their original state.