Zhuoyi Chen

Artist Statement 

My work endeavors to form harmonious relations between worldly substances, which can never exist in isolation but driven by interconnectivity. While individuals are integrated with commonality, potential discordance can become overwhelmingly obstructive. Having experienced the inconsistency of domestic relations and essential transitions to a cultural comfort zone, I find myself vacillating between stability and changes. Hence, seeking balance and coherence out of the contradictory subject matters leads to my personal catharsis.  

Creating form and structure has become the fundamental approach to my art practice; I consider it as a meditative process in which deconstruction and regeneration happen orderly. By using materials that share organic nature, I challenge structure, conventions and the idea of totality while trying to preserve the essence of its intrinsic quality. Thus, constant reconsideration is embodied through the intuitive construction of materials with transformative values. Although the lack of a referential point creates ambiguity, the particular intent is to engage the viewers with formal qualities that remain independent of specific interpretation.