Nicole Bellemore

Artist Statement

My thesis is about taking control over materials by distorting them and making them more abstract. In other words, I often take ordinary things from the world and make them my own through controlled distortion.

As I create art I distort the materials I work with. This includes changing the shape of the materials and the way that different light affects them. This is why I often work with reflective surfaces. By controlling the light surrounding the surface, the piece can appear entirely different. I use these materials as references or sometimes as the final pieces themselves.  

I tend to focus more on each section of the piece than I do on the final result. By not having an image or exact idea of the final result, the piece becomes more experimental and reactive. In fact, I am often surprised by the final result. This prevents me from focusing on perfection and allows me to pay more attention to my personal connection to the piece and the overall effect it will have on myself and the viewer.

Having control over materials by distorting them makes me feel as though I have more control over my own life. Because I have ADHD, I have been inattentive and disorganized my entire life which can be very frustrating. However, my art has become a way of coping with this instead of using medication. My art gives me a sense of control and structure that would otherwise be missing from my everyday life.

I am continuously challenging myself to get away from my comfort zones. I have been pushing myself to explore this by using less familiar materials as well as experimenting with different techniques. I have been moving away from realism and more towards abstraction and distortion because it intrigues me and is more challenging.