Da Eun Cho, 2016

Artist Statement

Every time I found something I didn’t want to lose, I felt that something had already been lost. People normally and consciously don’t think about precious things until they are gone. I believe being honest is one of the ways to keep the precious values. Because of my belief I wanted to become a person who was really honest with myself. As I grow older the number of things precious to me is increasing; some examples of these valuable things include memories with people, childhood, and my growth from a child to an adult. Sometimes I consider what these things mean to me, then I think about why I don’t want to lose them and have second thoughts about them. I often think about the meaning of the precious things to me and whenever I perpend why I do not want to lose them, I always feel like I am making my ideas and beliefs more solid thereby becoming more and more like my true self. The process of solidifying my ideas forces me to look inward which supports my thoughts, beliefs and artwork. It helps me identify myself more accurately, I start to think about the things that I didn’t really care about before and I become more sensitive. I believe that I am becoming more like my true being when I create art.