Sophie Henslee

Artist Statement

How we connect as people is fundamental to us as a population. As we have transitioned from early civilizations to an advanced society, art has only recently started to become intimidating and unwelcoming towards the everyday person. Art museums are hindering in terms of viewer participation since explanatory information is often compromised at the cost of the aesthetic of the art within the gallery. I find this to leave artists and art communities isolated, including myself. I find this stifling atmosphere easily broken by one of my favorite aspects of the human condition: humor.

Through my art, I reflect on the mundane aspects and objects in one's routine, sometimes my own. I use this reflection to defamiliarize the familiar, such as a sock, pair of pants or everyday activity, to alter one's perspective. By creating a new space in which the banal is reborn as a new experience, I encourage the viewer to ask themselves about their value system and why they value what they do. How do our personal issues compare with our community?