Yimei Du

Artist Statement

My goal is to demonstrate the contentious aspects of human nature and the way we think, feel and respond. Through my work I have attempted to represent some of the essential components of human existence, such as belief, pride, emotionality, and the desire for power and control.  As intelligent beings, we understand that much is outside of our control, yet we attempt to control things beyond ourselves. Many of my works incorporate a natural element, which represents a force that is greater than ourselves and certainly one beyond our control. My works are also influenced by familial relationships and the outward facade, which often doesn't align with an individual's internal emotions; they are often driven by the desire for power and control.  It is my hope that my portfolio will help my audience to reflect on their own truths, empower them to accept those things they are unable to control, and embrace their uniqueness. If we are able to present ourselves in an honest manner, it will encourage others to present themselves without shame.