Isabelle Perchaluk

Artist Statement

My work explores the act of seeking comfort in my surroundings. To me, comfort is based around control. When a situation doesn't offer me full control it becomes easy for me to loose myself and replace that comfort with anxiety. As I struggle with comfort and finding control in situations, I have found creating spaces is an important element for me. These environments allow me to escape.

During times of anxiety I find myself creating pieces that reflect my current state and mood. My pastel drawings create an environment for me to feel safe and comfortable.

It has always been important for me to have a figure in my work; a repetitive character. The use of the figure represents a version of myself and the process of finding comfort in my surroundings. The continuous imagery and recognizable objects in my work is used as a tool to trigger comfort. The characteristics of water has always interested me especially the relationship between humans and water. Water has always had the ability to change my mood, and alter my feelings.