Olivia Hagerty

Artist Statement 

We build structures to orient ourselves physically with our environment, to mediate our relationship with space. Structures can also demonstrate our essential separation from space. Docks, bridges, thresholds, viewing platforms and other constructs are all typically thought to aid a viewer, to provide helpful perspective or to convey an atmosphere, but they can also be barriers. The potential benefit of a barrier can simultaneously be considered a forced separation from space.


I have always sought stability in my life, as a result of an intrinsic feeling of disconnection from my environments. From a young age, I was raised in a family that was ultimately divided physically and emotionally. Transitioning between spaces became second nature to me. Passing through divided spaces, consequently, has proven to be an integral part to my understanding of the environments around me. Through a use of contrasting materials and seemingly absurd compositions and spacial dynamics, I seek to illuminate the non-essential nature of structures that divide us from space and the fleeting qualities of temporality.