Rachel Elfezouaty

Artist Statement 

The question of how our identities are formed has been a thought that I’ve spent a lot of time on. Are we merely a summation of our life experiences or are we pre-programmed to be the way that we are? I try to cover the broad topic of identity through its facets of personal memory, home life, acceptance, and life shaping events. Exploring the, much-debated, topic of nature vs. nurture is what drives my work.

Being an interdisciplinary artist gives me a better chance of getting an idea out there, although I tend to be working a lot in the field of sculpture. All of my work follows a common theme, as I attempt to use humor to get a point across. My current theme as an artist derives from the unusual path I’ve been on throughout my life. All of my work could be considered as self-portraits, as I take much of my inspiration from defining experiences in my own life.