Sue Saco

Artist Statement

Every word has a weight. Weights vary based on inflection, tone, rhythm, etc., but most importantly on context. Something said by a stranger has a different impact than that of a close friend or relative. In my work I aim to capture the different ways that language affects my relationships and interactions with people.

Once spoken, words have the ability to float in the air and twirl about, seemingly intangible. Or, they can sink to the bottom of your stomach, suddenly very heavy. Many times, they cannot be recalled, a strange phenomenon considering the fleeting nature of words. I strive to create a physical entity for these forms that are so essential to our daily relationships.

A crowded room filled with people– a constant clamor, to me translates to a tangle of wire, word forms. The wire is light and airy to represent an absence of any serious conversational matter. In my other work relating to my family, the use of a denser metal signifies a more in depth evaluation of those relationships. A constant repetition of a circular form plagues my work in representation of the spinning, rhythmical qualities of speech.

Overall, my work reflects my compartmentalization of my relationships with others and how language influences my interactions. My inability to properly articulate and express myself has ultimately led to the deterioration of many of my important relations and I continue to make work to understand my mistakes.