Tina Daurova


Artist Statement

There are a lot of things that had happened to me which I didn’t pay attention to, but they all lead me to the big changes. I never know where my path will lead me and who I will meet. Which person will change my path and which will never put an impact on me. That is what intriguing about life. Some meetings in life feel like they were meant to happen, some don’t. I see a person and sometimes it feels right, our souls are connected, it feels like I found a part of myself. Some meeting lead to the start of something new and great, some can lead to horrible things, you never know. 

Until we find someone who is going to become our friend, we have these unfilled holes everywhere. Our bodies consist of organs, our souls consist of parts as well. We live and as we do, we are filling these holes. 

At this point my artwork is exploring thoughts about human and spiritual connections and constant search for those.