Veronika Kostyuk

Artist Statement 

My work is about how society affects us, humans, our lives and personalities. In my pieces I talk about how people follow the crowd without thinking and that brings them to forgetting who they really are. People start rot inside while copying somebody else or just doing what majority is doing. In my body of work I have pieces in many different medias, such as photography, collage, installation, sculpture, video, digital arts, ceramics and metals. I like experimenting with new materials, trying new things, collaborating with other artists and exploring in general. I want my audience to feel something, whether it is a feeling of grossness and sadness or something that they can’t even explain, which is also good. I want my viewers to see themselves, maybe their friends or relatives in some of my pieces and think about why and what for they do some things that I talk about in my work, and what can they change in their lives, themselves or help someone they love. Losing identity and personality became such a normal and regular thing nowadays that people don’t even notice it anymore. This topic is also very personal to me, because I experienced a lot of these problems and consequences, so I want people to open their eyes now and be themselves. I found and cope with these issues in my life not only by myself but with help of friends, parents, and art. All of it had a huge impact on me and my art work. I am not thinking about saving the world with what I do, but I hope that my art can make some people save themselves and who they truly are or help to change people who they love. I want my viewer at least to think about it, and as we know, thinking - is the first step in solving a problem.