Weijie Zhou


Artist Statement

Generally what I’m doing now and future is improving our living space, in other words, make people to live in a comfortable and convenient space. My first Work, the QQB house, is aiming at the problem of static home space. I confined the space with the patterns of ancient math puzzle QQB (Qi Qiao Ban), dividing them to 7 angular parts with exclusively matching angles so they could be transformed into infinite shapes, or even have overlapping floors. Also, I defined the house by giving different functions to specific parts. In conclusion, QQB house is an extremely flexible house that can be transformed in to any shapes to meet specific need of people.

The second piece I’m making is the Recreational Vehicle. I got this idea
from the simple look of manufacturing containers and a notion of “Driving your home away from all the annoying things”. So I wanted to design a flexible RV with space can be expanded. Difficulties most of RVs are facing are that RV has no enough space and it’s body is too clumsy. For solving these problems, I’m designing a RV that has walls could be transformed into floors in order to enlarge the space use ratio; moreover, all the sections of this RV is flexible too so that they could be transformed into different floors.

The third piece I’m making is “Cube home”, and this idea is a combination of my interests at packing and arranging things and of the idea “Capsule hotel”. I’ve been visioning that what if homes can be just sold in place like Target and Wal-Mart and can be easily placed anywhere just like a tent? This idea could happen if the house is small and portable enough. So what I designed is a cube with size 3*3*3(3 meters in the reality). Although the space of the cube is really limited, it would be utilized in a maximum degree by well-placed furniture and space design.

Figure Drawing