Whitney Yuen

Artist Statement

In my work I use environments, objects, or people that exist in my daily life and alter them to highlight the banal and give a fresh perspective on unremarkable occurrences. Routine and habit often make aspects of life almost invisible — because of repeated exposure to certain tasks or objects, those things become diminished in our minds because of its familiarity. My work fights against that idea. It celebrates the ordinary by personifying the places, items, and actions that I experience the most. I enrich these things by altering those aspects and imbuing them with liveliness.

I have always been drawn to the idea of working instinctively and keeping myself open minded in my process. I prefer to take things one step at a time, seeing where they go next until I have an end result that may or may not have been what I originally intended. The question “what’s going to happen next?” is something that appears often for me. Not in a way that feels lost though, but in the sense that I let the movement of the animation or video guide my next frame.

Staying primarily in digital media makes my work much more accessible. By having my work exist online, I put the altered versions back into a setting that is commonplace for people to rediscover and refamiliarize themselves with.