Xindi Nie


Artist Statement

I make fine art garments that relate to my personal memories and emotions, I express my memories and emotions through the colors, forms, and materials I apply to my wearable pieces.

Memories can be unpleasant and some are painful when I recall them.  Through creating my garments, I try to focus on my good memories.  Each garment represents places in my memories that I can mentally escape to whenever I’m tired with current life issues.

The piece titled Get Away tells the story of escaping from all the responsibilities and things I don’t want to face. The represent difficult issues, which pull the dress back. This dress represents me trying to get away from all thesetroubles.

 My garments are spiritual sustenance for me, and become containers for my emotions and memories. I cope with the confusion of ideals and pressures like these through my artistic explorations. I chose colors, fabrics, and materials like dried flowers to represent the faded memories and blurry dreams I have of the ideal place where I want to escape

The main purpose of my artwork is to escape from the elements of the world that I do not want to face. If I can wear them in my life I can escape to the memory where I really want to be. These wearble pieces become an important extension to my body.