Yixiang Luo

Artist Statement

To me, travel is a process of continuous learning and exploration. I often think about how travel has influenced my life. As long as I can remember, my parents and I have traveled together in many parts of the world.

During our journeys, there are amazing landscapes as well as fantastic experiences that I have never seen before. They encourage me to fulfill my curiosity and explore the nature of the world. Nonetheless, there is also chaos and annoyances, such as disagreements and arguments with parents, and all kinds of unexpected circumstances, which could have made our journey less pleasant. However, when looking back through all those experiences, it is the not so happy memories that made every trip abundant and unforgettable. Most importantly, those trifles provide inspiration for my paintings. I am presenting you with this “annual event" which allows me to closely communicate with my family, and fosters my passion for art and reverence of nature.

When I look back at those pieces, they are tools for me to find the lost memories of my trips. In other words, the process of creating my work helps me to see those fragments of memories. Abstraction is the way that I chose to present my experience since some of the memories might not be so detailed and precise. I truly cherish those dissolving memories because they help me to find a sense of belonging. For example, I felt at home when I was with my family and friends in the car on the road. This is why I love embedding elements that imply movement in my artwork. That sense of action provides a feeling of safety and release. In Short, my paintings are the results of my meditations reflecting upon the past and enlightening the future.