Yoo Jin Kim

Artist Statement

Thinking back to my first year at Interlochen, everything here seemed new and unfamiliar. Back then, I only concentrated on completing the given task, and I did not take time to look around. Frankly speaking, I was always uptight, which prevented me from appreciating my surroundings. Over time, as I started to volunteer at the Munson Family Cancer Center, I was able to come up with ideas for my artwork through conversations with patients. Gradually, I became more aware of my surroundings, and began to create artwork that spoke from the bottom of my heart.

When I faced hardships in this three-year period, I was able to work it out with people’s support, and my passion for art. Volunteering at the Cancer Center led me to explore artwork consisting of fabric. In our daily lives, fabric provides us with comfort and security. I embody this concept in my artwork to deliver a therapeutic message.

In my current work, I use nature as a metaphor for my process of adaptation to unfamiliar environments, by exploring my growth as an artist and as a person. For example, in nature, plants adapt themselves to new circumstances that are unpredictable and irregular. As my pieces progress from right to left, my work incorporates more various range of colors, materials, and styles, representing my growth over time. The concept of adaptation in my art allows me to interact with the audience by sharing my story and bringing comfort. Although I still face challenges as I adjust to life in the United States, I use these challenges to empower my work.