Yu-Cheng Yeh

Artist Statement

I had a few events in my life that changed me when I was in sixth grade. These events completely changed how I think and make art today. I became defensive towards people. I could no longer trust my parents, my good friends or others.  It’s not that I don’t want to trust them but I feel like I am losing the ability to trust.

This problem started to bother me because I am now worrying and panicking everyday. The distrust makes me think that people around me, especially those important to me, are going to leave me eventually. I sometimes cry without sound when I go to sleep just to let the pressure out.  I don’t want to infect the people around me with my negative feelings. For me, my artwork is an outlet for these emotions.

My work consists mostly of figurative painting that have different emotions. I am also exploring fashion and wearables as a means of expression. A lot of paintings of mine show the side that I have never shown to anyone else, the part of me that is fragile and depressed. Through working on these pieces I have come to understand myself more than before. When working on a painting I give my figures and subjects an obvious emotion. My goal is that when exploring my works viewers are able to empathize with the emotion of the character.